2020 MODular 2/5 One Rope Wonders




MOD Kinbaku classes are for those interested in learning how to incorporate Japanese themes, kinbaku adjacent topics, and traditional kinbaku practices into their erotic rope tying.  Classes are two hours long followed by one hour for hands-on practice or private Q&A with Master “K” and zElement.



2020 MOD(ular) Kinbaku Topics

  • From the Knee Down: Leg and self-ties
  • One Rope Wonders
  • Below the Belt: Don’t beshy, it’s waist to thigh
  • Rubenesque Rope: Great Ties for All Sizes
  • Kata Ashi for Nawashi: One-leg up partial suspensions



Master “K” begins each class by introducing the topic and placing it in a cultural and historical perspective – often showing books, art, photography, historic implements, and erotica from his private collection then he works with a professional kinbaku model to demonstrates a series of ties. Ticket prices are for one student and couples or individuals are welcome — ticket price includes one rope partner per student per class at no additional charge.


Attendance is limited to four couples +one-two individuals, + one artist and one photographer. With the exception of staff and the attending artist/photographer, phones, cameras, and other recording devices must be turned off completely. During the practice hour, students may take close-ups of their own ties.  Cushions and water are provided and there are restrooms on-premises. Space is very limited, please bring only yourself, something to write on and two – four hanks of rope.


Tickets are available only by pre-purchase and are non-refundable, however, with at least 24-hour notice they may be transferred to another student of your choice by first contacting zelement@springtigerryu.com

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