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We share the history and art of kinbaku – traditional Japanese erotic rope bondage with those interested in learning, studying and being inspired by it. Our members include students, devotees, fine artist, designers, theater professionals, photographers, videographers, filmmakers, animators, models, and private students.

Spring Tiger Ryu | Academy Kinbaku

An annual event for artists, photographers, students and the curious. Master “K” with guest speakers share information on the art and history of a specific Japanese cultural topic; past events have included how to wear a kimono, the telling of yokai (folklore) stories, and sake making. After a short social break with Japanese treats, Master “K” works with professional models to weave the chosen theme into a series of timed poses for attendees to capture in their art form.

Spring Tiger Ryu | Life Drawing Salon

An intimate venue for artists of all skill levels to capture the beauty of traditional kinbaku poses. Held in the style of a traditional Japanese satsuei kai (photoshoot workshop). Limited to ten artists. Professional artists from around the globe have been inspired by this unique format and begun local events of their own. On occasion, we will partner with artists and illustrators by providing photographs as reference for their use.

Spring Tiger Ryu | MODular Kinbaku

Students learn about ‘kinbaku adjacent’ topics not typically offered in class settings and how to incorporate them into their ties. Each class discusses concepts and safe practices with a brief exploration of how each has made an impact on the evolution of kinbaku. Topics have included Kinbaku and Bamboo, Kinbaku and Candles/Wax, Kinbaku Toys and Tools, Tying People to Low Furniture, Erotic Ties for Lovers, Ippon Nawa (one rope ties), and Female Tops tying Male Bottoms.

Spring Tiger Ryu | Tied By A Girl


Most kinbaku information is taught from (or adapted from) the male perspective; this is a new couples series for females interested in learning to tie men. We cover basic kinbaku practices putting a heavy emphasis on how to integrating psychological, mental, emotional, and energy exchange into a kinbaku session even before the rope comes out of the bag.


We explore different approaches (Domme, Top, platonic friend, lover) to the dynamic, men’s expectations from a sensual scene, and how to use powerful female energy to get into his mind. We also discuss and demonstrate literal ways that women can use their mind and body to physically move (often larger, stronger, and taller) male partners. You will learn ties designed specifically for the male body and how to adapt others you’ve seen to look and feel better on men.


We cover core skills for physical limitations (hands can’t reach behind? No problem, we have many solutions) and discuss proportion of rope to the body for beauty, safety, and pleasure.

Spring Tiger Ryu | Customized Events + Private Classes

Contact us to plan a private, semi-private, or group event to fit your specific interest. We’ll be happy to work with you to plan safety workshops, photo shoots, personal projects, an individual life drawing session, an art or history talk, and more.

Private student class series are customized to each student/couple. New and experienced students welcome.