Spring Tiger Ryu | The Arts Ryu of Kinbaku
Kinbaku for artists, photographers, students, and 'the curious'. Co-founded by Master "K" and zElement as a place to study, practice, share the art, history, beauty, and pleasure of Kinbaku (Shibari), Japanese erotic rope bondage.
Kinbaku, shibari, Master "K", zElement, artists, photographers, students, 'the curious' Co-founded by Master "K" and zElement, study, practice, share, art, history, beauty, pleasure, safety, Japanese erotic rope bondage, bondage, rope, tools, jute, hemp, Japan, Itoh Seiu, Yukimura Haruki, Arisue Go, Nureki Chimuo, Osada Akechi, Akechi Denki, Osada Steve, Akira Naka, Newaza, caressing style, bondage, The Beauty of Kinbaku, Los Angeles, LARope, LARope Dojo, Devil's Mask Society, Lair de Sade, Threshold, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Sanctuary LAX, Bondage, dungeon, BDSM, D/s, Edo, Edo era, Meiji era, Japan, samurai, constables, policing Japan, Tokugawa, Tokyo,
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Our last 2018 event will be Dec 16 at the Spring Tiger Ryu dojo. If you miss it don’t worry, there are so many more great ones coming …

Welcome to Spring Tiger Ryu, home to learning the art, beauty, and safety of kinbaku in all forms. Our 2019 schedule will be posted in a few weeks so sign up for our mailing list to keep up-to-date.


We’re starting up our MODular Kinbaku series again with topics like Kinbaku and bamboo, wax play,torture ties, and more.


Artists (and art students) we’re going to have more life drawing and photo events — you’ll receive discounts to attend our other events, too.


A huge Thanks to Master “K” for the time/energy he’s put into 2018!

What is Kinbaku

Kinbaku (shibari) is the centuries-old art of Japanese erotic rope bondage. Simply put, Kinbaku is the technique of safe, sensual, dramatic, and erotic bondage raised to a high art form in Japan. In Japanese the words Art, Japanese, Erotic, and Bondage have a multitude of meanings depending on who is speaking and who is listening. What is art to you? What do you find erotic? How does culture affect our perceptions? How does it feel to tie or be tied? How do you do it safely? These questions – and the answers to them – are why the study of kinbaku is so exciting. Each of these four elements plays a part and the most satisfying experiences hit on all of them.

Spring Tiger: The Arts Ryu of Kinbaku

Co-founders, Master “K” and zElement developed Spring Tiger Ryu as a place for artists, photographers, students, and ‘the curious’ to see, explore, capture, and understanding the art, beauty, and history of Japanese kinbaku. Ryu is a Japanese term meaning style, type, form, manner, system, or school of thought in any discipline and in English, generally refers to schools of Japanese martial art or other disciplines such as ikebana (flower arranging), calligraphy, and bonsai gardening. The events and classes at Spring Tiger Ryu draw on traditional Japanese cultural “touchstones” such as folklore, kimono, and woodblock arts and show how they have paralleled and influenced kinabku.