Spring Tiger Ryu | The Arts Ryu of Kinbaku
Share the art, history and practice of traditional Japanese kinbaku through events and workshops for creative people in fine artist, design, photography, animation, costume design, theater, and film and video, and more.
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What Is Kinbaku?

Simply put, Kinbaku is the centuries old technique of safe, sensual, dramatic and erotic bondage raised to a high art form in Japan. In Japanese, the the words, Art, Japanese, Erotic and Bondage, have a multitude of meanings depending upon who is speaking and who is listening. What is art to you? What do you find erotic? How does culture affect our perceptions? How does it feel to tie or be tied?How do you do it safely? These questions, and the answers to them are why the study and practice of Kinbaku is so exciting. Each of these four elements plays a part and the most satisfying experiences hit on all of them.

What Is An Arts Ryu?

Ryū is a Japanese term meaning style, type, form, manner, system or school of thought in any discipline. In English, it often refers to schools of martial arts or disciplines like ikebana, calligraphy, and bonsai gardening. We host events and workshops for people interested in studying, drawing, photographing, filming, and recreating this beautiful art. 


Based on the acclaimed book by Master “K”
The Beauty of Kinbaku