Welcome! Spring Tiger Ryu is a place for you to explore, create, learn, and practice the beauty, art, and history of Japanese Kinbaku (erotic rope bondage). Our classes, workshops, photography satsueikai, life drawing opportunities, and other special events integrate Japanese cultural touchstones (like kimono, ikebana, and folklore) and position kinbaku in historical context from the Edo-era samurai to current events. As of January 2020, we are opening all events to one photographer and one artist looking for life-drawing opportunities. Get a special discount code by contacting zElement@springTigerRyu.com.  Sign Up for our newsletter to receive event and class announcements.

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Virtual one-on-one sessions with Master “K” — Social Distancing Special $30 for 60-minutes 
  • New? How about basic 101 information
  • Self Tie Curious? Let’s get started.
  • Student? Discuss out-of-class work interests 
  • Photographer? Consider models and ties
  • Artist? View/Discuss Master “K” private collection
  • Film Afficianado? Discuss historic/current TV/movies
  • Model? How to get involved and keep yourself safe
  • Limited Capabilities? Consider specific precautions

Special thanks to Chelsea Maker and Domination University

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The Dance of the Sacred Rope

Recorded in Beverly Hills, California
February, 2020.


Master K and Chelsea Maker of Domination University talk kinbaku safety, sensuality, technique and its rise to the level of high art in Japan. Whether experienced, just starting out or curious, students, models, artists, and photographers will come away with a better understanding of the energy and intent behind kinbaku.  Chelsea summed it up perfectly,

Enjoy the choreographed mutual dance and beauty that is this modality, from pleasure, endorphins and neurotransmitters, to the doors of the subconscious mind and beyond.

Master “K”, Author, Educator, Rope Master

Interview & Production
Chelsea Maker, Officer of Conscious Sexuality, Domination University

Still Photos
Frankincensed Photo

Production photos
MissZElement, Director, Spring Tiger Ryu

Kinbaku Model

Ryan Maker Music

Our members include students, artist, educators, designers, theater professionals, photographers, filmmakers, animators, musicians, and performance artists, models, actors, and those generally curious about this beautiful art. All experience levels are welcome. Private and semi-private student classes with Master “K” and zElement are customized for you and your partner. If your ideal event or class isn’t on our agenda … let us know and we’ll plan it with you. Subscribe and receive advacnce event announcements. 

Kinbaku 101 || Introduction to Japanese kinbaku (erotic rope bondage). Students will hear an overview of tools and safe practices then learn few basic ties. This is a hands-on class so bring a partner and rope. Individuals interested in learning and observing are welcome. A great companion class with our “Safety for Subs and the Tops that Love Them” workshop. Rope by Master “K”. Photo by Michael Helms

MODular Kinbaku || A series of hands-on classes for couples exploring how to integrate kinbaku-adjacent topics not typically offered in class settings. Each class covers historical context, safe practice, and how-to with time allotted for practice and one-on-one Q&A. 2020 Topics include: From the Knee Down: Leg and self-ties, One Rope Wonders, Below the Belt: Don’t beshy, it’s waist to thigh, Rubenesque Rope: Great Ties for All Sizes, and Kata Ashi for Nawashi: One-leg up partial suspensions. Past topics include: Bamboo, Low Furniture, Candles and Wax, Faces, Fingers & Toes, and Pressure for Pleasure. Rope by Master “K”. Photo by Yoshi M.

Rope Safety For Subs and the Tops That Love Them || A workshop for all experience levels. Great for anyone starting out and the experienced wanting a refresher. Includes evaluating new partners, rope negotiation, recognizing red flags (and what to do), tools of the trade, when to call 911, and more.  A great companion to “Kinbaku 101”. Rope by Master “K”. Photo by Kevin Mack.

Tied By A Girl || An utterly unique couples class for females interested in learning to tie men. Kinbaku theory from a new perspective and ties that accentuate the male body. Class topics include: manipulating psychological effects of rope energy; adapting ties for men’s physical capabilities and limitations; understanding proportion of rope to body for beauty, safety, and pleasure; the variety of female dynamics (Domme, Top, platonic friend, or lover); and literal ways women can use their mind and body to physically move (often larger, stronger, and taller) male partners. Rope work and photo by zElement.

Be My ValenTied ||  Our annual event (always held the Sunday before Valentine’s Day) gets spicier every year when we throw our doors open to artists, photographers, students, and the curious. We present a day of steamy fetish-themed kinbaku with storytelling, professional models, Japanese treats, and a series of timed poses for creative inspiration. Rope work by Master “K”. Photo by Yzen.

Models || If you are interested in modeling for an event, class, or private student — or if you have questions, suggestions, or comments please reach out to zelement@springtigerryu.com Rope work by Master “K”. Photo by ©sjstudio1.

Life Drawing Salon || An intimate venue for artists of all skill levels to capture the beauty of traditional kinbaku. Master “K” works with a professional model to offer a traditional kinbaku progression with timed poses varying from five to twenty minutes. Limited to ten artists and one photographer. Rope work by Master “K”. Art work by Thomas Garner.

Private Photo Shoot ||  Shoot with Master “K” and professional kinbaku models. We offer a variety of Japanese themed wardrobe and props and have several options for Japenese theme settings — or we’ll come to the location of your choosing. Each shoot is custom planned for your needs. You supply the lights and camera, we supply the action. Generally planned for two photographers and one artist on set. Rope work by Master “K”. Photo by zElement.

Professional Projects || If you are looking for an on-set professional rope work we’d love to plan it with you. Master “K” has tied for fashion photographer Michele Comté for spreads in Vogue Italia and Interview Germany and been featured in his latest coffee table retrospecitve, director Nicolas Winding Refn for the feature film Neon Demon, the performance film Pendulum for Lady Gaga’s gal-pal Millie Brown, music videos, indy films, fashion runway, and more …Contact zelement@springtigerryu.com for your custom event, workshop, photo shoot, private life drawing session, art or history presentation … whatever you can dream up. Rope work by Master “K”. Photo by zElement.